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  1. Managing digital presence and techno-communication can leave a person like me quite distraught. When I attended Rishi’s “Website Making Seminar”, the simplicity with which he explained I said to myself, here is a tech trainer with a human touch. Rishi clearly fitted the bill with his in-depth domain knowledge and diverse skills & tricks up his sleeve.

    He is patient in his dealings, lends access to his resourceful network and even shares his time tested list of tools he would have compiled over years. A thorough techno professional being available real-time, quick in grasping the issue on hand & bringing it to an immediate closure…. almost like magic.

    That he is forever expanding his knowledge, training and service base from Website making to Email & Digital marketing as a whole makes him a great asset to work with.

  2. So 'Rishi' means 'Sage'..Rishi is the Sage of modern world of technology. Just like how a Sage has inner wisdom and knowledge, so does Rishi in this world of technology. The miracles that he manifests are a result of penance over the years. Remember its only the Great One or a true Rishi that can take us from darkness to light especially when you are facing technology challenges. Rishi showed us the path to enlightenment when he fixed our laptops and like a true Sage left us on our journey to advancement giving us the tools that will help us get there. I know He is always available to us when are lost. Call the Great One from the depths of your heart or send him an email to show you the way out of despair. Do not wait for the forces of ignorance or Illusion slide you to darkness.

    May Rishi illuminate many souls lost in the world technology and guide them to enlightenment.

  3. Wow. This is so cool. I have to say it's one of the coolest reviews I have ever received in my entire life. Thank you so much


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