About me

Rishi Gangoly: Seasoned Technology Strategist & Digital Transformation Specialist

Professional Synopsis

Rishi Gangoly is a distinguished technology connoisseur with an enriching journey of over 30 years, marked by his tenure at Apple during the innovative years of Steve Jobs. Positioned as a premier Digital Marketing Consultant in Mumbai, Rishi is renowned for architecting digital strategies that catalyze robust lead generation, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital realm. His brainchild, WebDudes, is a testament to his prowess, offering a spectrum of cutting-edge Digital Marketing services to a diverse clientele spanning across borders.

Expertise and Contributions

Rishi's multifaceted approach encompasses:

Assisting organizations and entrepreneurs in harnessing technology effectively to escalate revenues, streamline performance, and broaden their consumer network.
Spearheading growth by leveraging core digital marketing mediums, including SEO initiatives and meticulously crafted campaigns across platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Educational Initiatives:

Committed to fostering digital empowerment, Rishi orchestrates weekly interactive sessions every Sunday at 11 AM, guiding enthusiasts in constructing their bespoke websites, further detailed at WebsiteTraining.in.

Visionary Outlook

Post the economic downturn of 2008, Rishi delved into the paradigm of the Resource-Based Economy, drawing inspiration from the Venus Project. He invests his expertise in examining the transformative potential of AI and Robotics in reshaping economies, envisioning a future where technological advancement transcends the conventional requisites for money and employment, creating a global landscape of abundance.

Personal Inspirations:

An ardent admirer of Elon Musk's visionary endeavors.
A proponent of Advait philosophy and the holistic principles imparted in the Jeevan Vidya workshops.
Attributes a significant contour of his personal and professional metamorphosis to the mentorship received from Pallavi Velugu.

Engage with Rishi

Embrace a partnership that guarantees not just solutions but milestones of success and gratification in your digital voyage. Reach out to Rishi for technology consultancy tailored to position your business at the pinnacle of digital success.

For consultations or inquiries, connect with Rishi:

Email: rishigangoly@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +91 75 1953 1953

Embark on a journey of digital transformation with Rishi Gangoly, where every interaction is a step towards unparalleled success in the digital ecosystem.