About me

Rishi Gangoly worked for Apple when Steve Jobs was alive and is a sought-after technology expert with tech experience of over 28 years. He is a Digital Marketing Consultant in Mumbai and helps his clients to generate leads for their businesses. His company WebDudes offers a range of services in the field of Digital Marketing to help people boost their business online. His team offers Digital Marketing services to customers in India and abroad.

Rishi enables organisations and entrepreneurs to deploy technology. The technology grows revenues by optimising performance and increasing their customer base. He has consistently driven his customers’ business growth through SEO, Google, and Facebook and Instagram ads.

Rishi conducts free webinars every Sunday at 11 AM to help customers boost their business online.

Rishi is a great conversationalist, enthusiastic about automation and bitcoin, loves to know what Elon Musk is up to and shares comedy video clips with his friends. His spiritual orientation has taken him to experience Vipassana meditation and Advait, Raelism for the origin of human beings and Jeevan Vidya workshop for a harmonious life. He lives on a farmhouse and invites people to experience working from home by living near trees, mountains, lakes, and rivers.

Reach out to Rishi for your technology requirements and be certain to receive customer delight and increased business success in today’s digital world.

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You can also contact him via email: rishigangoly@gmail.com
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