The Value of Photography


The Value of Photography

Who is Prashin Jagger

Prashin Jagger is a photographer, filmmaker and educator. And much more.

He can easily pass off as a member of a death metal band - he rocks that long hair, is always found wearing black t-shirts and his straight-face humour will knock your socks off. His extensive knowledge of music goes hand in hand. Remember to hit him up for recommendations. Whether through a deep conversation or an enthusiastic interaction, Jagger familiarizes himself with you to best capture your story and capture an image that cuts to the bone to uncover the persona, mind and soul. Through his photos, he gives a peep into people's life; who they’ve been, who they are and who they will be. Yes, he is a loveable mind-reader.

This is why it's no surprise that iconic brands like Rolling Stone as well as cult music festivals NH7 Weekender and Control ALT Delete India regularly reach out to him for their cover shoots, events and more. And boy, does he deliver!

Sit down with him for Chembur's thriving local food spots and while at it, also be ready to be dazzled by his keen eye for detail, perfectionist shots, stories, and his wide network of connections and friends within the music scene.

Meet Prashin, AKA Mr Consistent of Studio 502!