Improve Chrome Browser Performance and Reduce Power Consumption with New "Memory Energy Saver" Feature

Google's Chrome browser is a popular choice for many users, but it's not uncommon to experience slow performance or high memory usage when multiple tabs are open. To address this issue, Google has introduced a new "Memory Energy Saver" feature that automatically detects and unloads inactive background tabs to free up memory and improve the browser's performance.

With the new feature, users can expect to see up to 35% reduction in memory usage, leading to faster browsing and reduced power consumption. The feature can be customized to exclude certain websites or tabs from being unloaded, and is easy to enable from Chrome's settings.

For those who rely on background tabs for notifications or real-time updates, this feature may not be suitable. However, for users who often keep multiple tabs open and experience slow performance or high memory usage, this new feature can make a big difference.

This feature is currently available for Chrome version 89 and above on Windows and Mac computers, but not yet on Chrome OS or Linux. Along with other performance improvements and optimizations, Google's ongoing efforts to make Chrome more efficient are a step in the right direction for a better browsing experience.