Increase the Number of Appointments in Your Clinic Today: A Case Study on Improving Dental Clinic Rankings on Google Maps

Case Study: Enhancing Dental Clinic Rankings on Google Maps to Boost Appointments


The dental clinics in question provided comprehensive dental services, addressing issues such as cavities, implants, whitening, root canals, and more. However, they faced the challenge of not appearing within the top 3 search results when users searched for "dentist near me" or "dentist in xxx," with xxx representing the specific area or locality where each clinic was situated. Consequently, this resulted in reduced inquiries and overall lower visibility.


To address the issue, a strategy was implemented to optimize the business accounts of each dental clinic and enhance their content to improve their ranking on Google. One aspect of this approach involved reaching out to the doctors and requesting the names and contact information of satisfied clients. These clients were then sent a personalized WhatsApp message, kindly asking them to share their experiences through an online review. Upon receiving a review, a prompt reply expressing gratitude was sent, and their contact information was subsequently removed from the review request list. For clients who did not provide a review, weekly follow-up messages were sent to politely encourage them to leave a review.

Additionally, relevant information pertaining to dental treatments and services was regularly posted on the Google Business page, demonstrating an active and engaged online presence. This steady stream of informative content contributed to gradually improving the clinic's ranking, ultimately positioning them within the top 3 results on Google Searches for their respective areas.


The efforts invested in enhancing the dental clinics' rankings on Google Maps yielded significant results, leading to an increase in appointment bookings. As potential clients tend to reach out to the top 3 listed dentists, the improved visibility translated into a higher likelihood of attracting new patients. Depending on the level of competition, this achievement was realized within a timeframe of 2-3 months.

Key Takeaway:

This case study emphasizes the importance of improving dental clinic rankings on Google Maps to drive appointments and expand the client base. Optimizing the business accounts and actively encouraging satisfied clients to leave 5-star reviews online proved to be effective strategies for achieving this goal. By implementing these tactics, dental clinics can increase their visibility, attract more potential patients, and ultimately experience growth in a relatively short period of time.

Google Business - Scope of Service

One-time Service:

Keyword Scan and Competition Analysis: We will conduct a comprehensive scan of relevant keywords and analyze the competition in your industry. This will help optimize your Google Business listing for improved visibility. Listing Optimization: We will revamp your listing by incorporating appropriate search terms and crafting compelling descriptions about your business. Additionally, we will ensure accurate details of your operating hours and location, aiding in the verification process. Deliverable: Achieve a prominent position within the top 3 listings on Google Business within a span of 2-3 months.

On-Going Services:

Monthly Review Management: Our team will proactively reach out to your customers to request reviews using an automated system through WhatsApp. By sending follow-up requests once a week, we can increase the number of reviews. Once a customer submits a review, we will respond with a gratitude message and discontinue further follow-up requests. Review Response: We require you to provide us with a list of clients (names and WhatsApp numbers) to request reviews for your clinic on your Google Business page. It is essential to accumulate positive reviews to boost your rankings on Google Maps. We will also assist you in replying to all reviews received, ensuring a professional and prompt response. Content Management: We will regularly update your business page with high-quality photos and relevant posts. By maintaining an active presence, Google's algorithms will recognize your business as dynamic, resulting in improved rankings on Google Maps. Deliverable: Sustain a top 3 position on Google Business Listing, ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition. Price: Our service is priced at INR 1,50,000 + GST per year, payable annually with the option to pay for it via Credit Card in twelve monthly installments (EMI).

Website: We will create a Website and provide domain and web hosting services for you if required. The charges for that would be extra depending on your requirements

Here are the results for our existing clients.

INDIA - Delhi

Dento Hub
Keyword "dentist in vikaspuri."
We got the doctor listed from nowhere on Google Maps to the 2nd position in just two months. However, the competition in Vikaspuri was less, so we managed to get the doctor fast.

UAE - Dubai

Dr Joy Dental Clinic
Keyword "dentist in burjuman."
In three months, we got the doctor listed from the 6th position to the top 3. The competition in Dubai is huge, so it took longer.

USA - New York

Union Street Dentistry
Keyword "dentist in schenectady."
In 3 months, we got the doctor listed from nowhere on Google Maps to the top 3. 

USA - Northampton

Arch Dental Care
Keyword "dentist in northampton."
In 2 months, we got the doctor listed from nowhere on Google Maps to the top 3. 

USA - Chicopee

Church Street Dental
Keyword "dentist in chicopee."
In 2 months, we got the doctor listed from nowhere on Google Maps to the top 3. 

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