Statistics from Ad Campaign and WhatsApp network

Since I like to have data, I decided to capture statistics of my Ad Campaign and my network.

My client - Angana is a healer and wanted to start healing sessions over Zoom calls. You can learn about Angana from the website

We created a group on the 28th of July 2022 and first invited people from my network and another network I am a part of called HNH (Hi-Fi Network)

And then I started running an Ad on Facebook and Instagram which talks about what Angana is offering to people. This is the Image I created on Canva asking the client confirmation if the Image and Ad copy was okay.

This is how the Ad looks like on Instagram or Facebook

When people tap on Learn more they see the following:

Their contact details are pre-populated because Facebook or Instagram already has this information of the user available with them. This makes it easier for the person to tap on Next. After that Facebook and Instagram has to display terms to ensure they clearly inform the user how their information will by used by the Advertiser (us) and only send the contact information (AKA Lead) when the Submit button is clicked or tapped.

So basically this means the user is opting in for more information voluntarily. Then there is a 3rd screen that is shown which allows the user to directly join the WhatsApp group.

Then if the user taps the button below to join the Blossom Healing WhatsApp Group, WhatsApp will prompt the user to join the group. This is yet another level of the user opting in. 

As you can see the number of barriers involved when opting in to joining a group. The benefit of joining a WhatsApp group is that the user can chose to exit the group at any point (AKA unsubscribe), if they don't feel the information is useful to them.

We ensured that this group is set to ADMIN mode to ensure people don't spam the group with unwanted information.

As of today, 15th August 2022, there are 279 participants joined in the group. Note, a lot of people joined and exited this group.

We've been inviting people to Zoom sessions for them to experience the healing or transformation.

Here is a screenshot of the people who joined our Sadhana session.

That's all I have to share for now. I will post an update of this journey with my client, Angana.

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Rishi Gangoly