Zoom Webinar Kit

Since the lockdown, clients have been asking me to help them with using Zoom. Here are some great essential items to make you a pro at doing Webinars at home


Use the Benro Tripod to mount your Mobile in case you need to be mobile when showing something to your audience.

Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder

Get your self a Camera Stand Clip Bracket Holder which sits on a Tripod

Mobile Stand

Here is a couple of good mobile stands to use on a table which I bought and found very good for Zoom calls on the phone 

This Tizum one is better because it can take a phone or iPad as well

Green Screen

This is great for the Virtual Background, you can use this green screen. And if you don’t want to install it permanently, you can use this stand to hold it

LED Lights 

Lastly, you should get yourself a couple of LED Lights and place them on the table so that you have sufficient lighting on your face. 

This is especially useful when you are doing webinars in the evening or night when natural lighting is not strong enough. Have fun with your Webinar business experience

Hire a Webinar

And if you want us to host your webinar, we can do it for you at Rs. 500 bucks only. Send me an email on rishigangoly@gmail.com



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