Analysed Start-up Network

Group Admin: Vivek Vadrevu

WhatsApp Number: +91 6300 036 660

Group Guidelines


This group is for Networking among start-up founders so that we inspire, share knowledge, journey and help each other to grow together.


1. Don'ts 

Please don't share irrelevant content like festival wishes, good morning messages, motivational or life quotes, referral messages, ads and especially don't share other WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn groups here.

2. How to Network? 

Group members can share their resources, knowledge, business-related content like articles, collaboration opportunities, vacancies in their organization, queries related to business, seek help from other Start-up founders.

3. Promotion Slot

Business promotions, deals and offers are allowed only between 6PM to 9PM. With this we will make sure that the entire day is for knowledge, networking and these 3 hours are dedicated to promotions. Because with the help of these group, we make sure that you also get traction or sales as well. But make sure you post during the promotional slot, so others won't get disturbed.

Morning Intros

Every morning we will post a message to introduce the newly joined members to open networking opportunities.


Anyone who doesn't follow above community guidelines will be warned for 1st time and removed if repeated again as we care a lot for our members.


We hope this will make sense, help in your Entrepreneurial journey, learning and making business scalable. If you have any feedback, feel free to DM admin.