Discovered an amazing business networking group called HNH

I was recently introduced to Rubina by a client of mine, Tasneem Ibrahim. Rubina runs an organisation called HNH (HiFi Network Hub) with her business partner Mr Arun Sharma and life partner, Kashif. HNH is a Singapore based firm.

Comparing it with BNI Inc ( might not be appropriate because it’s different in many ways with similar goals of leveraging the power of networks and networking for business growth and development.

Quite frankly, I like very much the way HNH is structured and organised. It’s more fluid, relaxed and organic. However, that doesn’t mean they tolerate BS. There are rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to which I think is fantastic.

One interesting observation is that the energy of this company originates from Rubina and her personality, making it warm and loving, while yet very professional and respectable. It’s a rare mix. She is caring, considerate, and accommodating but means business. Getting to know her and associated with her is an honour and privilege. She has managed to motivate and inspire a lot of people in the network, including myself, to help expand the reach of HNH and she is destined for amazing success.

For more information contact Rubina on WhatsApp.
Her number is +91 75193 51935