Canned response for Gmail (2019)

Canned response for Gmail (2019)

Canned responses for Gmail are good if you have to respond to the same questions via email frequently.

I, for instance, need to have two or three canned responses when I run an email campaign since most people would be asking me the same questions which need standard responses. So instead of spending time to type out the same reply over and over again, you can use this feature to reply to them in a few seconds VS spending 3-5 minutes per email.

If you feel you can find this useful, you can follow the instructions below to set it up for yourself

Step 1

  • On the top-right of Gmail, click the gear icon
  • Click on "settings"

Step 2

  • In the Menu click Advanced
  • Enable Canned Responses (Templates)
  • And then click Save Changes

Step 3

  • Compose a new message
  • On the bottom right click the three dots
  • Then click Canned Responses, Save draft as a template and Save as new template
  • By default, the subject line will be used for naming the Canned Response
  • Click Save

Step 4

  • Compose a new message or reply to an email that requires this response
  • Click the three dots on the bottom right corner
  • Move your mouse to Canned Responses and click it
  • Then navigate to the Canned Response and click it to insert it into your email
  • Before you Send review the response