Cool Extension for LinkedIn

Linked Helper is a brilliant software to help you increase your productivity on LinkedIn

It requires Google Chrome. So if you're a happy Firefox or Safari user, you'll have to give up using those browsers to use this brilliant software.

What does it do?

A lot of good stuff. I'm only evaluating it to see if it does a few things well
  1. Automatically send out connection requests to my 2nd level network based on search criteria I specify? For instance, I want to connect to people in the city of Mumbai who are in Sales.
  2. Automatically extract the contact details of my existing connections to a CSV file
  3. Automatically send information to my connections
It does them amazingly well.

I love it.

I got the annual subscription and very happy with it.

The cost to hire a person to get this data collected manually is more expensive.

They also have pre-set quantity limits to ensure there is no misuse of these features, which is good.

If you're having 2nd thoughts, don't. This is an absolute must have tool if you're serious about building your network on LinkedIn and growing your business.

If you want help with this, contact me