Join us for Tambola Every Sunday

Connect at 7:00 PM

The game Starts at 7:15 PM

Introducing Online Housie Mobile App

Play a free live 90-ball Tambola game with your loved ones. 
No pen or paper is needed.


Our Recommendation

Two Devices Preferred

For a seamless experience, utilising two devices when participating in a Zoom call and playing a game is advisable. This way, you can easily Play the game and talk to everyone.

Mobile Stand

If you have two smartphones, we suggest investing in a mobile stand, allowing for a comfortable and stable connection during the Zoom call.


We have the following prizes.

  1. Use ChatGPT to create your Website Hands-On Workshop. Rs. 99 Learn more...

  2. Use ChatGPT to Boost Social Media. Rs. 99. Learn more...

  3. Pushing the Limits of ChatGPT. Rs. 99. Learn more...

  4. Google Ads Workshop worth Rs. 999 Learn more...

  5. Facebook Ads Workshop worth Rs. 999 Learn more...

  6. Instagram Ads Workshop worth Rs. 999 Learn more...

  7. YouTube Optimization and Marketing Workshop worth Rs. 999 Learn more...

  8. SEO - Search Engine Optimization Workshop worth Rs. 999 Learn more...

  9. Master Blogging Workshop worth Rs. 999 Learn more...

  10. Affiliate Marketing Workshop worth Rs. 999 Learn more...

  11. Bulk Message App PRO for 1 month. Rs. 5000. Learn more...
  12. ViewPay access for 1 month for Rs. 2000. Learn more...

  13. How to Create a Strong Profile on Instagram. Rs. 199 Learn more...

  14. How to Make Money with Zoom Webinars. Rs. 99 Learn more...

Whichever prize you one, you can pick any one from the list above.

Note: If you do not use the prize you won, you can gift or sell them to anyone you like.

To claim prizes, send an email to rishigangoly@gmail.com 

Please claim or gift your prize within 48 hours.

Terms and Disclaimers
  • You will need an Email Address to register on Zoom and join the game. 
  • People not joining the Zoom meeting will be disqualified, and their tickets will not be approved.
  • The rules and prizes may change last minute by the Host of the game.
  • The game might get cancelled last minute due to whatever reason.
  • The players must be 18 years of age to play the game. If the player is not 18, their parent's consent and approval would be required for them to participate in the game.
  • The players must attend the Zoom meeting to claim their free tickets.
  • The winners may sell their prizes to anyone in exchange for money.
  • The winners may gift their prizes to anyone.
  • The Zoom meeting will be recorded and shared on the YouTube channel
  • The adult language might be used during the game. Please do not join the game if you are uncomfortable hearing the adult language.
  • People not joining the Zoom meeting will be disqualified from the game.
  • People need to have video ON to qualify for the meeting. We recommend you have two devices to play the game. One is to play the game using the Tambola App, and the other is to connect with everyone in the Zoom meeting with your video turned ON.
  • We recommend you play in a room without noise so your Mic can be left ON during the game.
  • When claiming your ticket, please enter your first and last names, matching your Zoom registration. We will not issue you a ticket if we don't find a matching link between your Zoom registration and the ticket. 
  • Do not use Initials for claiming your ticket. You must enter your First Name and Last Name when requesting tickets to participate in the game.