Welcome to WebDudes Tambola

You can win cash prizes or exchange them for services from Web Dudes. 

Follow these instructions to download the Tambola App and play to win cash prizes. 

Click or tap the link below to install the Tambola App. 


After you download the game tap play

Then tap on Play as Guest

Then enter your first and last name.


You will be disqualified

Then tap on 

"I've an Invite Code"

Then enter the invite code which I will share with you this evening on Zoom and tap Join. 

Don't forget to join the Zoom meeting before time to clarify your doubts.

Then tap on show my ticket to get your ticket

You will see a message saying tickets purchased successfully. 

These are sponsored tickets by Web Dudes. 

Scroll down and get yourself a second ticket to increase your chances of winning.

Finally you should see something like this and you're ready to play the game. 

Wait for me to start the game and enjoy


  1. Because this is a sponsored game you have to join the Zoom meeting with Audio turned on to play the game and win prizes. 
  2. We will open the Zoom meeting 15 minutes before for people to ask questions and become familiar with using the App and game.
  3. We will lock the zoom meeting before we start the game to ensure people don't come after we start the game.
  4. Cash Prizes will be announced in the Zoom meeting
  5. Cash Prizes can be exchanged for services from the sponsor which will be explained in the game.
  6. Payment will be made via UPI only. All prize winners have to share their UPI code to claim their cash prizes.
  7. Prizes have to be claimed within 24 hours after the game is over. Either Cash or services from the Sponsor.
  8. Players have to be 18 years or above
  9. Maximum players 100
  10. If more than one player wins a prize the cash will be divided between each player, except if the player exchanges a prize for service from Web Dudes.
  11. Each player will need a separate smart phone device (Android or iPhone)
  12. If you have a computer, then use that to connect with us on Zoom, while using the phone to play the game.