Neil D'cunha was happy to learn that a website could be created without learning one line of code

For years I was in mental pain thinking that website creation is the work of a coder or developer. So I also had that guild that I will never know how to make a website. Each time I asked a developer the cost of making my website, the high rates made me delay my work even further.
Thank You, Rishi for teaching me how I can build my website in one single day. And also the immense support that I got from the Web Dudes Team each time I faced an issue.

I recommend all to have a website of their own or for their Brand/Business or product and the best person who can teach you this creation all in one day is Mr. Rishi Gangoly. I wish FB had more than 5 stars.

Camera & Content Coach, Fitness Trainer & Money Management Speaker, Empire Educare