Boom with Zoom

I've been using Zoom for a little under two months and have only praises for it.

Here are some of the benefits for me using Zoom

  1. The cost is super low and affordable. I used to spend Rs. 3000 - 5000 per seminar, once or twice a month to rent a venue with a projector. Zoom costs ONLY $15 per month which allows me to have as many seminars (or more accurately webinars) as I need. This is peanuts compared to the cost of doing a few seminars.
  2. When people cancel coming to a seminar last minute, one feels horrible.  With Zoom it doesn't matter since then I just go and do some other work and don't feel bad that I've spent so much money on a venue or projector. :) 
  3. I don't have to leave the comforts of my house with Zoom. I can conduct my seminars (webinars) directly from home. This saves me time and money to travel to a venue and back. This works for the participants as well since then they don't have to waste time and money to travel from their home or office to physically attend the seminar (webinar).
  4. Participants can join and attend the seminars (webinars) from a Smartphone. Using a computer gives them more screen real estate and easier access to text chat to ask questions since participants are muted during the presentations.
  5. It can also be used for one to one meetings. I've had a couple of them so far and even recorded the conversation and uploaded on my account as an unlisted video and shared with my colleagues so they can get up to speed on what they missed in the meeting.
  6. The Video recording feature is also good for training and coaching because people who would like to refer to the information or instructions by watching the video again in future, it comes in handy. Also, both the host as well as the participant can record the video if permission is granted by the host.
Will post a follow up on this article as I begin to discover more advantages of this system. To get started, get your Zoom account for FREE now.