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Where should I host my website?

Since I am in the business of designing websites and teaching people how to make their own websites, I come across a question frequently, “Where should I host my website?”.

I tell them, it depends on two factors

Technical Competence

When the budget comes under focus, I recommend IFAST is the cheapest option with reasonably good performance. To top that up, IFAST has an Online Support Ticket System. If you face a problem, you'll simply need to explain to them what the problem is and then follow their instructions to resolve it.

However, their email system sucks. Most of their email gets delivered to the Spam folders. So if you are happy to use G-SUITE for email and IFAST for your website only, then this is the ideal host for your website. And, of course, I intended that pun.

On the other hand, if you are a demanding site owner, who wants a Good Hosting Service with Live Chat, you should go for Most importantly, the email system of Bluehost is truly reliable.

If you are planning to run an online business, you just can’t ignore emails. It still turns out to be one of the most important tools to set up a connection and engage further to strengthen the bond with your prospects. And this is exactly where the Bluehost email system comes to your support.

And to top that up Bluehost offers competitive deals if you go for a 3-year term

As an online business owner myself, I’ve moved my websites to and it’s no miracle that I’m happy with their services. 

In today’s time, most of the youngster site owners are technically competent. These new business owners might have got into the game tight purse. Effectively, they may want to start off with IFAST, as it offers a monthly installment option, and once they hit the runway, it’s better for them to shift to BLUEHOST.

Just in case, you are one of such young online business owners or a matured person who intends to go online but is a bit unsure of the technicalities, don’t worry. Get in touch with me on WhatsApp (9322727415) and I'll host your website for you. Click here to see pricing and terms.